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PUXIN Portable Assembly Biogas System is a DIY Kit BIOGAS SYSTEM for convenient transport (packed in carton box) and easy assembly by yourself.         It is surface mounted, no need for digging or heavy construction.

It can be assembled within 90 minutes by the client without any training or guiding by video or manual book.

Max 2m3/d high biogas production with hollow sunlight sheet green house or heating by pad

Very Safe.

It sets up on the ground, avoid potential risk falling into pool for human & animal by accident than tranditional digester.                                                             Biogas storage & production bag is made of macromolecular structure poly layer design, no leaking risk.

Easy To Use and Maintain.

The whole design like a sun room, to make gas production efficiency at a peak level. 

Easy operation, user can do operation by himself, generally no need to clean digester!

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