Waste capacity:

Raw material Maximum (Kg/d)

Food waste 180

Pig manure 320

Cow manure 1500

Chicken manure 450

Human manure 200

Vegetable 500

Output: Biogas and Clean natural liquid fertilizer 

Minimum Ambient Temperature: 10°C 

Power of biogas booster pump: 15w

Nominal gas pressure: 0.12bar

Gas Flow: ≥26 L/min

Size of filter (desulfurizer ): 1L

Weight (empty): 150 kg

Dimensions: 250H/290D cm

Space of green house: 15m3

Volume of digester: 13.28m3 

Volume of gas storage: 1.22m3

Special size products can be manufactured when order in Batch

What are the application for the digester ?

1)Disposal of sewage sludge for waste water disposal stations.

2)Disposal of waste for small, medium and large size livestock farms.

3)Disposal of sewage and food waste for departments, factories and schools etc.

4)Disposal of waste water and solid waste for food processing plants and brewing plants.

PUXIN portable assembly biogas system-15m3