1.waste shredder, 2.material collecting pool, 3. anaerobic reactor, 4. Container, 5. sludge storage tank, 

6. Biogas desulfurizer, 7. console, 8. biogas storage bag 


This product is designed for restaurant, supermarket, hotel or residential apartment to treat kitchen wastes; 

for food factory to treat food wastes, for livestock farm to treat manure and agriculture wastes.


1. Easy and quick to install. 

2, High efficient: the system has all the functions for fast anaerobic reaction such as 55゜C or 35゜C high and constant reacting temperature keeping, automatic pH adjustment and automatic mixing.

3, Environmental friendly: 

a. Odorless: All the gas produced is collected, cleaned and burned. The residue due to full fermentation has no smell.

b. No greenhouse gas (biogas) discharge: all the biogas is collected, cleaned and burned as fuel.

c. No waste discharge, the residue can be used for green or organic vegetable cultivation directly.


The product is composed mainly of a food waste shredder with a material collecting tank, a first stage anaerobic reactor, a second stage anaerobic reactor, a third stage anaerobic reactor , a biogas desulphurization device, a biogas storage bag, a Console and a large biogas stove. 

The anaerobic reactor is constructed of double layer of stainless steel plates with 5cm thick foam insulation layer installed between, and it has the an electric heater, a temperature controlling device,a PH value controlling system and a mechanic stirring device installed. The volume of a single anaerobic reactor is 3m3, and total volume of the anaerobic reactor is 9m3

Main performance index:

1. The first and second stage anaerobic reactors can work at constant temperature set such as 55゜C or 35゜C 

2. The product can treat 250kg food waste per day and can produce about 20m3 biogas per day with 35 degrees. 55 degrees will increase 50% treating capacity.