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Food waste shredder-226L


Food Waste Shredder

This products is mainly composed of a stainless steel platform, a stainless steel bucket and a  stainless steel propeller blade powered by a motor.

It is designed for large scale food waste, fruit waste, vegetable waste or meat waste fast shredding. The waste will be shredded together with water in the bucket. After shredding the waste becomes into a fluid of small particle and water, the fluid can flow in pipe and is suitable for quick anaerobic treatment for biogas production.

This products is especially suitable for restaurants and hotels to treat food waste; for food factories and food markets to treat fruit waste, vegetable waste and meat waste, and for slaughterhouse to treat animal offal. The product is also suitable for biogas plant to pre-treat the solid fermentation materials.


Size: D =600mm  H=800+550mm=1350mm


D (valve)=80mm

Capacity: 2 t/h

Power: 2.2KW 

Voltage: 220V (110V), 

Vurrent: 18.8A (37.6A)

Frequency: 50Hz

Speed: 2940 r/min

Noise limit: 81 dB (A)

Insulation grade: B

Special products for capacity 3-30t/h can be designed and made if order.