Welcome to PUXIN !

Shenzhen  Puxin  Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in November 2001, the company’s business scope is new energy

 and environmental protection. 

The company's main business: 

1. Design and construct large and medium-sized biogas projects. 

2. Develop, manufacture and sell related products needed to build family size biogas system.

3. Develop, manufacture and sell new style small size biogas digesters. 

Since its establishment the company has achieved a series of research results in both family size and large size biogas system based on independent innovation. 

So far the company has obtained many Chinese patents and applied for a number of PCT and international patents.

• In 2005, the company was awarded the technical support entity for the "National Science and Technology Achievements key promotion Program" project-- Puxin Biogas System by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.

• In 2006, Puxin Biogas plant won the Global Top Ten Investment Scenarios to Apply New Technologies for Renewable Energy Utilization Blue Sky Award initiated by United Nations Industrial Development 

Organization and Shenzhen International Technology Promotion Center For Sustainable Development.

• In 2007, the company was also awarded the High-tech Enterprises of Shenzhen.

• In 2007, the company won the Award for Most Potential Innovating Enterprises in The 9th China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum 2007.

So far the company has successfully completed a number of medium and large size biogas projects in China’s Dongguan,Beijing,

Shenzhen, Shanghai and Huizhou cities. 

By the end of 2016, PUXIN biogas system have been exported to over 80 countries.