This system is composed of one or a group of 100-400 m3 biogas digesters formed into a unit,

 the pipe system, the gas purify system and the appliances or electricity generator

A 100m3 PUXIN biogas plant


②Pretreatment tank  


④Storage pool

⑤Biogas purification plant

⑥Biogas storage tanks

⑦Biogas storage bags

A 1000m3 PUXIN biogas plant designed for cold region

①Biogas generator  

② Desulfurizer and dehydrator 

⑶ Feeding pump ④ Dehydrator 

⑤ Pretreatment tank

⑥ slurry storage pool 

⑦outlet pipe ⑧inlet pipe

⑨Digester ⑩green house 

⑾Biogas storage bag

The medium and large size biogas plant is mainly applied to the livestock (pig, cow, etc.) 

farms to treat the wastes,or applied to treat organic wastes 

(food waste, grass, etc.) in large quantity.

Below are photos that show the construction processes of 100m3 PUXIN biogas digester: 

For medium and large size biogas plant we design the biogas plant, 

sell all the equipment and products needed to build the biogas plant to our customers, 

train the technicians for them, and our customers build the biogas plant themselves.


Below lists the main equipment and products needed 

to build the biogas plant:

HYDRAULIC BIOGAS SYSTEM-medium and large size