Product Description


(1)  PUXIN Light Household Biogas Plant is composed of a membrane digester bag with a gas storage bag combined in one, a support frame to support the digester bag, an inlet for feeding the fermentation material, an outlet for flowing out the slurry, a biogas filter to clean the biogas, a biogas pump to supply the pressure for the biogas stove. 

(2) The digester bag is made by special material, has the characteristics of anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant, ultraviolet-proof. 

(3) Biogas and bio-slurry are the product of the biogas digester. Biogas is a kind of renewable clean energy, can be used for cooking and power generation, bio-slurry is a kind of high quality organic fertilizer can be used in agriculture.

Biogas application

You can use the biogas for cooking and generating electricity


Soft PVC Household Biogas Plant

Brand Name:    PUXIN

Model Number:    PX-2.65

Dimension:     Dia.150cm×H.150 cm

Place of Origin:    China

Application:    turn your waste into cooking fuel and get fertilizer 

Methane Content (%):    Max 65%

Max Biogas production:    1.8m3/d

Cooking Time:     4-5 hours in good condition 

Suitable area:    home, villa,restaurant, resort, small farm etc

Main feature:    light weight and easy to install

Fermentation material:    organic waste, animal manure, human feces, garden waste etc

Lifespan:    10 years

Install time:    within 2 hours

Packing volume:    0.2cbm

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PUXIN Portable assembly biogas system 2.65m3