PUXIN high efficiency and automated anaerobic treatment system

PUXIN HIGH EFFICIENCY AND AUTOMATED ANAEROBIC TREATMENT SYSTEM is designed mainly for restaurants to treat food wastes, and for anaerobic scientific researches. 

The product is mainly composed of a food waste disposer, a feeding pump, two anaerobic reactors, a heat pump, and a console.

The anaerobic reactor is constructed of double layer of stainless steel plates with a foam insulation layer installed between, and is heated by a heat pump system. It has a temperature controlling system, a PH controlling system and a mixing device installed. 

1. food waste disposer, 

2.feeding pump , 

3. anaerobic reactor, 

4.heat pump

5. console, 

6. Biogas purification unit,

7. biogas storage bag,

8. Biogas stove

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1.Technical Parameters



Total Volume of digester Diameter of digester Height of digester Power for heat Power of food waste disposer
2.4m3 1500mm 2000mm 2.72kw 2.2kw

2.Max raw material of daily feeding



  Food waste Cow manure Pig manure Chicken manure
Max waste feeding (kg/d) 75 186 134 80
Biogas Gas production (m3/d) 6 6 6 6